How can someone nominate my store?

Unfortunately, nominations are now closed. Read on for how the winners will be chosen!

How will the Best Stores be chosen?

1. Evaluation forms will be sent to each and every nominee. In order to be considered, the evaluation form must be filled out and returned to kburrell@divcom.com no later than March 8th.
2. All nominations will be carefully reviewed and the amount of nominations per store will be tallied.
3. The testimonials from the nominations and evaluation forms will be thoughtfully considered and evaluated by a committee of Diversified Communications staff members who will look for variety of products and brands carried, customer service experience at the store and community involvement.
4. A third-party company will evaluate each stores’ social media presence and engagement.
5. The amount of nominations received, the testimonials, the evaluation form and the social media “grades” will all be combined and the 60 stores with the highest “grades” will be invited to Tucson.

When will the winning stores be announced?

The winning stores will be announced on April 1st! Keep an eye out for an email detailing how the winner’s will be announced!

What do the winning stores receive?

Award-winning stores will:
• Get 3 complimentary nights at the stunning El Conquistador, a Hilton Resort in Tucson, AZ
• Get 2 full days of face-to-face meetings with product presentations from brands in all segments of the running industry
• Be awarded a “Scholarship” for 2 team members to attend The Running Event 2019, which includes an All-Access Pass, 4 complimentary hotel nights at the Hilton Austin, and automatic entry into the Best Running Stores Executive Forum
• Receive a Best Running Stores counter award and window decals
• Ample opportunity to share ideas, network and celebrate with peers
• Get recognition from Best Running Stores media and event partners throughout 2019
• Full secret shopper report at no charge

What if my store wins but I can't make it to the event?

Our hope is that you can send at least 1 representative from your store. If not a single team member can make it your store will still be sent the counter award (plaque) and window decals promoting the honor. Please note: other benefits such as The Running Event 2019 Scholarship and the Secret Shopper report will only be given to those stores who are present at the Best Running Stores event.

What's the plan when I get to Tucson?

Plan to arrive in Tucson on Sunday, May 19 so you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for your catch-up sessions with peers, the meetings and the other fun-tivities. The Schedule-at-a-Glance can be found here.

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